Fulton Dental Implants

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Are you seeking the best replacement options for your missing teeth? At Pinnacle Dental Group, their experienced staff offers the foremost selection of restorative, prosthetic, and implant dentistry services to reestablish your smile. Whether you’re considering custom bridgework, modern dentures, or 13069 dental implants, their dentists will take the time to carefully assess your eligibility and best solutions, keeping you well-informed each step of the way. Dedicated to remaining at the frontier of the latest advances in the field, your dentist is here to provide you with the information and compassionate support you deserve, from your first consultation to surgery and aftercare for your oral health.

Have you heard of the breakthrough method for replacing missing teeth that’s changing the way dentists—and patients—view dental prosthetics? With implant dentistry, the loss of teeth can finally be addressed beneath the gum line, at the bone level. Natural teeth have long roots which connect directly into your jaw, providing stability, support, and promoting the health of the surrounding bone. With 13069 dental implants, a surgical post is inserted directly into the bone, just like a natural tooth, conferring many of the same health benefits. The remarkable thing about implant technology, is that this surgical post actually fuses to the bone over time—the process is called osseointegration; literally, the integration into bone. With the base of the implant securely integrated into the underlying bone, a custom crown, fixed bridge, or implant-retained denture can be affixed with unrivaled stability. Dental implants are about as close as it gets to replicating the performance, appearance, and feel of your natural teeth. With proper care, your 13069 dental implants can last a lifetime!

Truth be told, there’s never been a better time to have to replace missing teeth! If you’re considering your options, you’re going to want to speak with your dentist about 13069 dental implants. Providing highly individualized care, with a gentle, and compassionate chairside manner, make the dentists at Pinnacle Dental Group your destination for your next consultation. To schedule your appointment, call today!

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